Our Creative Process

Our process for creative projects follows 7-Steps.

Our process for creative projects follows 7-Steps.

All of our work, whether it’s one of our passion projects or our client-centered film and video work, follows a carefully crafted plan that allows us to move forward confidently as we create.

No matter if it’s our own project work or for a client, the steps we follow are the same:

  1. Pre-Production

    This is necessary to make sure we have a plan and know how we’re approaching our subject-matter.

  2. Production
    The process of capturing the images, sounds, and sights that will ultimately become the project.

  3. Rough Cut
    This is the first draft of our work and will have all of the elements that we set out to bring together.

  4. Feedback

    In the case of a client, we solicit feedback on the rough cut so we can be sure that we have hit the target before we finalize.

  5. New Draft
    Feedback in incorporated and a new draft is created.

  6. Approval
    We get the go-ahead to lock-in the final draft.

  7. Picture-Lock
    Here, we output the final version and deliver our