An Award-Winning Team of Creative Professionals.

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Patrick W. Shaver
BA Sociology, University at Buffalo
MS Conflict Management, Kennesaw State

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, & Editor.

“My background, like my films, is multi-disciplinary. From an early career in healthcare, to crisis counseling, and then law enforcement, I’ve always worked around people who were experiencing challenging situations. I believe that everyone has a story as a result of the challenges we all face. The best part of working, either on my own projects or with clients, is that I get to connect with strangers and get to know their stories. I’ve come to find that most people are stronger and have a far greater impact on their world than they think they do. Me? I’m just a regular guy who learned how to make movies.”

Favorite Places to Visit: Cincinnati, Buffalo, St. Louis.
Top Movies: Small Town Murder Songs, The Fog of War, Winter’s Bone, No Country for Old Men, Wind River, Shotgun Stories.


Antonio Blasini
BS Psychology, Mercer university

Production Assistant, Occasional Camera Op, & Advocate at Large

“As the son of two Marine Corps and law enforcement veterans I followed in their footsteps. I spent four years in the Marine Corps, six in the Georgia National Guard and six years as a police officer in Atlanta. I have learned during my short time that everyone has a story. A story that may not seem grand to the person living it but is an extraordinary adventure to those outside looking in. Giving light to these adventures and showing others is an amazing feeling.”

Favorite Places to Visit: Hiroshima, San Diego, Savannah.
Top Movies: Idiocracy, Sicario, Lucky Number & Slevin.

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Ryan Touron
MS Occupational therapy, Utica College

Scoring Artist & Musical Genius.

Ryan Touron is an professional guitarist/songwriter who grew up a block from Patrick. He's performed with various original and cover bands since the 90's. Over the last 10-years, he has expanded his passion into home recordings of personal projects. Ryan is a medical professional in North Carolina where he resides with his wife and daughter. 

Favorite Places to Visit: New York & Montreal.
Top Movies:
Stand by Me, To Kill a Mockingbird, & A Time to Kill.